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Focus on life; not death

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 4, 2014

Doctors would rather let you die with pharmaceuticals than save your life with hash oil, which would have saved her life.

brittany maynard

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Posted by herbnmonk420 on May 5, 2013

Stony – Relaxed – Couch Lock – Narcotic – Sedating – Sleepy
Name Flowing Time (Days) Seed Company Effects – High
1 Bahia Black Head 56/63 K C Brains Heavy indica stone, body, sleepy
2 BC God Bud 55/70 BC Bud Depot relaxing, dreamy, sedative
3 BC Sweet God 40/50 BC Bud Depot body ease, couch-lock
4 BC Sweet Tooth 40/50 BC Bud Depot couch-lock, strong, body-stone
5 Big Bang 63 Greenhouse Seeds Co muscle relaxing, strong, smooth
6 Big Bud 50/65 Sensi Seeds body relaxing
7 Black Domina 50 Sensi Seed Bank sleepy, relaxing
8 Brains Choice 63/84 KC Brains intense, stoney
9 Chocolate Chunk 55/62 T H Seeds strong, narcotic
10 El Nina 56/63 Greenhouse Seeds Co sleepy, sedating, stony
11 Endless Sky 42/50 Greenthumb Seeds stoney, spacey, dreamy
12 Hash Plant 40/45 Sensi Seed Bank body stone, relaxing
13 Heavy Duty Fruity 60/63 T H Seeds sleepy, couch-lock
14 Hindu Kush 49/56 Nirvana relaxing, sleepy, body stone
15 Ice 63/70 Nirvana stony, body high, strong-fuel like
16 KC # 39 49/63 K C Brains stoney, sleepy, relaxed
17 KC #42 63/84 K C Brains hazy, couch-lock (sativa)
18 LA Confidential 46/56 DNA Genetics strong, heavy, relaxing
19 Mango 63/70 KC Brains/Nirvana body stone
20 Master Kush 63/70 Nirvana body stone, relaxing, visual
21 Matanuska (Thunder fuck) Tundra 60/68 Sagarmatha sleepy
22 Mazar 56/64 Dutch Passionn heavy stone, couch-lock
23 Medicine Man 56/60 Mr Nice Seed Bank body stone, strong, sedating
24 Northern Lights 45/50 Nirvana Sensi Seed Bank narcotic, strong body stone
25 Pot of Gold 56/70 Flying Dutchmen couch-lock, intense, mesmerizing
26 Querkle 60 TGA-Subcool grape, indica high, strong, stoney
27 Romulan 56/60 Federation Seed Co strong, relaxing, body-high
28 Sensi Star 56/63 Paradise Seeds strong body stone, cerebral
29 Shark Shock 40/45 Mr Nice Seed Bank stony, intense
30 Sheherazade 56 Paradise Seeds body relaxing
31 Shiva 60/65 Homegrown Frantaseeds body stone
32 Shiva Skunk 45/55 Sensi Seeds stoney, psychedelic
33 Soma A+ 56 Soma’s Sacred Seeds physically relaxing
34 Spice 49/63 Mr Nice Seed Bank sleepy, powerful physical buzz
35 White KC 56/70 K C Brains body stone, sleepy
36 White Light 70/84 Soma’s Sacred Seeds relaxing, sensual
37 White Rhino 63 Greenhouse Seeds Co narcotic, relaxing body
38 White Shark 56/70 Greenhouse Seeds Co body stone, relaxing

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