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Producing Feminized Seeds

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 17, 2012

There are several methods used to produce feminized seed. By far the easiest method was developed by Soma, the noted breeder. He noticed that when colas reached late ripeness, which by the way, I prefer as the harvest-time, a few visible male flowers appear.

This is not only a signal that the buds are ripe. The pollen from these flowers can be harvested using a fresh watercolor brush and a small glass or metal container. Not all varieties produce male flowers at the end of ripeness, but many do, and they do it reliably.

The use of chemicals is the method used inĀ laboratoriesĀ and in commercial production to induce male flowers in females plants. Two chemicals that are used are gibberellic acid and silver thiosulfate. Both of these chemicals inhibit the plant’s ethylene production, a hormone that promotes female flowering. As a result, the plant’s female flower production is reduced. However, these chemicals also have a second mode of action because other ethylene inhibitors don’t promote male flowering. The actions are localized. If only one branch of a plant is sprayed, that branch will be the only one affected. The rest of the plant will continue growing female flowers, not male.

Gibberellins are hormones that plants produce to regulate many phases of their growth. Several of the gibberellins, GA3, 4, 5 and 7, induce male flowers on female plants when they are sprayed before the plants initiate flowering. GA3, which is the gibberellin most commonly available commercially, is the most effective. A solution of 0.01% *0.1 gram GA2 in a liter of distilled water) is best. Lower doses result in fewer male flowers. Higher amounts have an inhibitory effect. Lightly spray the tops of the plant for five consecutive days and then place the plants in flowering regimen by increasing the uninterrupted dark period to 12 hours a day. The sprayed area will stretch a bit, but within two weeks the first signs of male flowers will appear. They will be ripe and ready to release pollen in another two weeks.

Silver nitrate can also be used to induce male flowers. A solution of 0.02-0.03% is sprayed on teh plant and then the plant is placed in the flowering regiment of 12 hours light, 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. The leaves will droop for a day or so and then resume turgidity. Male flower growth will become apparent in a couple of weeks. They will ripen a few weeks later. To make a 0.02% solution, add 0.1 gram of silver nitrate in 0.5 liters of distilled water.

Silver thiosulfate is more effective than silver nitrate; that is, it will induce more male flowers. It is made by combining two water solutions, one containing silver nitrate and the other, sodium thiosulfate. The exact formula is below. The plant is sprayed until the liquid drips off the leaves and immediately after, the light regimen is changed from vegetative to flowering. The sprayed areas yellow a bit and stop growing for a few days. Then they start to grow male flowers, which ripen in a few weeks.

Big Book of Buds 3 by Ed Rosenthal, pp 149-151

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Big Book of Buds by Ed Rosenthal

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 12, 2012


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Available at Amazon for $16.47 or Kindle for $9.39

Available at Barnes & Noble for $14.93

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Available at Amazon for $16.47 or Kindle for $9.39

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