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Focus on life; not death

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 4, 2014

Doctors would rather let you die with pharmaceuticals than save your life with hash oil, which would have saved her life.

brittany maynard

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Help us Start Monk’s Herb’n Lounge!

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 4, 2014

Help us Start Monk’s Herb’n Lounge!

Holy Hempress the CannaPastor

Cannabis, ganja, marijuana is more than a drug for over indulging ‘stoners’, it’s a natural source of life giving medicine for many common ailments and much more positive attributes. This is the ‘plant of peace & well being and after years of study, I have knowledge of plant cultivation and production of hash oil, THC infused butter and olive oil and ‘ganjava’, infuse coffee. With many years of great customer service experience and good ideas, like Monk’s Herb’n Lounge, a financial backer can lead to success in the cannabis industry…


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The One

Posted by herbnmonk420 on August 19, 2013

Beautiful cola

Revolutionary Throwback

I think it’s finally happened. 

I think I’ve met “The One”

The One who is always there when you need them. The One who listens to you, respects you and doesn’t fuck around. The One who knows what you need before you need it. 

The One who goes beyond their description, becomes your friend and confidant. The One you can rely on and who you know if you tell them something, they will use that information to make your life better. 

The One who has what you need when you need it. The One who is consistent, friendly and market related.

Yup, I’ve found the Pot Guy for me 🙂


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Posted by herbnmonk420 on May 5, 2013

Stony – Relaxed – Couch Lock – Narcotic – Sedating – Sleepy
Name Flowing Time (Days) Seed Company Effects – High
1 Bahia Black Head 56/63 K C Brains Heavy indica stone, body, sleepy
2 BC God Bud 55/70 BC Bud Depot relaxing, dreamy, sedative
3 BC Sweet God 40/50 BC Bud Depot body ease, couch-lock
4 BC Sweet Tooth 40/50 BC Bud Depot couch-lock, strong, body-stone
5 Big Bang 63 Greenhouse Seeds Co muscle relaxing, strong, smooth
6 Big Bud 50/65 Sensi Seeds body relaxing
7 Black Domina 50 Sensi Seed Bank sleepy, relaxing
8 Brains Choice 63/84 KC Brains intense, stoney
9 Chocolate Chunk 55/62 T H Seeds strong, narcotic
10 El Nina 56/63 Greenhouse Seeds Co sleepy, sedating, stony
11 Endless Sky 42/50 Greenthumb Seeds stoney, spacey, dreamy
12 Hash Plant 40/45 Sensi Seed Bank body stone, relaxing
13 Heavy Duty Fruity 60/63 T H Seeds sleepy, couch-lock
14 Hindu Kush 49/56 Nirvana relaxing, sleepy, body stone
15 Ice 63/70 Nirvana stony, body high, strong-fuel like
16 KC # 39 49/63 K C Brains stoney, sleepy, relaxed
17 KC #42 63/84 K C Brains hazy, couch-lock (sativa)
18 LA Confidential 46/56 DNA Genetics strong, heavy, relaxing
19 Mango 63/70 KC Brains/Nirvana body stone
20 Master Kush 63/70 Nirvana body stone, relaxing, visual
21 Matanuska (Thunder fuck) Tundra 60/68 Sagarmatha sleepy
22 Mazar 56/64 Dutch Passionn heavy stone, couch-lock
23 Medicine Man 56/60 Mr Nice Seed Bank body stone, strong, sedating
24 Northern Lights 45/50 Nirvana Sensi Seed Bank narcotic, strong body stone
25 Pot of Gold 56/70 Flying Dutchmen couch-lock, intense, mesmerizing
26 Querkle 60 TGA-Subcool grape, indica high, strong, stoney
27 Romulan 56/60 Federation Seed Co strong, relaxing, body-high
28 Sensi Star 56/63 Paradise Seeds strong body stone, cerebral
29 Shark Shock 40/45 Mr Nice Seed Bank stony, intense
30 Sheherazade 56 Paradise Seeds body relaxing
31 Shiva 60/65 Homegrown Frantaseeds body stone
32 Shiva Skunk 45/55 Sensi Seeds stoney, psychedelic
33 Soma A+ 56 Soma’s Sacred Seeds physically relaxing
34 Spice 49/63 Mr Nice Seed Bank sleepy, powerful physical buzz
35 White KC 56/70 K C Brains body stone, sleepy
36 White Light 70/84 Soma’s Sacred Seeds relaxing, sensual
37 White Rhino 63 Greenhouse Seeds Co narcotic, relaxing body
38 White Shark 56/70 Greenhouse Seeds Co body stone, relaxing

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Wake and Bake

Posted by herbnmonk420 on May 2, 2013

Wake and Bake
Cerebral – Alert – Energenic – Clear – Up – Creative
Name Flowing Time (Days) Seed Company Effect
1 AK 47 63/70 Serious Seeds cerebral, alert, “munchies”
2 AK 48 49/63 Nirvana Seed Bank cerebral
3 Ambrosia 50/56 Jordan of the Islands alert, active
4 Apollo-13 54/65 TGA-Subcool clear, up, social, happy-buzz
5 Arjan’s Haze #1 77 Green House Seeds strong, up, social
6 Arjan’s Haze #3 77 Green House Seeds clearheaded, uplifting
7 Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 84/91 Green House Seeds clear, meditative
8 A-Train 53/60 T H Seeds euphoric, clearheaded
9 Belladonna 60 Paradise Seeds trippy, hallucinogenic
10 Betazoid 60/65 Enterprise Seeds cerebral, alert
11 Big Buddha Cheeze 49/63 Big Buddha Seeds up, clear, long lasting
12 Blue Grape 58 Electric Seed Co alert, energizing
13 Blue Pearl 60/65 Homegrown Frantaseeds psychedelic, up
14 Blueberry 50/60 DJ Short euphoric
15 Brainstorm Haze 70/84 Delta-9 Labs social, creative, uplifting
16 Bubble Gum 56/63 Serious Seeds uplifting
17 Buddha’s Sister 63/70 Soma’s Sacred Seeds powerful, creative, cerebral
18 Calfornia Orange 60 TGA-Subcool up, happy, lite
19 Canna Sutra 58/65 Delta-9 Labs clear, uplifting, (all day smoke)
20 Caramella 49/63 Homegrown Frantaseeds uplifting, social
21 Casey Jones 56/63 Head Seeds up, trippy, creative
22 Chocolope 63/70 DNA Genetics euphoric, trippy, psychedelic
23 Cinderella 99 50/60 Gypsy Nirvana uplifting, giggly
24 Diamond Head 55/60 Sagarmatha cerebral, calm
25 Dreadlock 60/55 Joint Dr’s High-Bred Seeds social, energetic, creeper, giggly
26 Ethiopian  Highland 42 African Seeds clear, energetic, recreational
27 Eufaria 63 Dutch Passion up, lifting
28 Flo 42/49 DJ Short cerebral, energic, clear
29 Fruit of the Gods 66/77 Delta-9 Labs uplifting, clearheaded
30 Fruity Thai 50/65 Ceres Seeds active, talkative, sensual
31 Genius 60 TGA-Subcool up, happy
32 Hash Heaven 70/84 Soma’s Sacred Seeds awake, functional, creeper
33 Hawaiian Sativa 84 Federation Seed Co alert, cerebral
34 Island Sweet Skunk 50/55 Federation Seed Co mellow, cerebral
35 Jack Herer 65/75 Sensi Seed Bank cerebral, up
36 Jack the Ripper 56/63 TGA-Subcool speedy, trippy, uplifting
37 Jacks Cleaner 56/61 TGA-Subcool speedy, cerebral, up
38 Jacky White 60 Paradise Seeds
39 Jilly Bean 60 TGA-Subcool happy, energetic, uplifting
40 Kahuna 63/70 Soma’s Sacred Seeds alert, cerebral
41 Kali-Mist 70/90 Serious Seeds cerebral, energetic
42 Kaya 56/63 Nirvana mild, refreshing, light high
43 KC- 45 70 Auto K C Brains energetic, calm
44 Kushage 75 T H Seeds quick, mind expanding, creative
45 Lemon Freeze 70 TGA-Subcool uplifting, creative, energetic
46 Lowryder 60 Joint Dr’s High-Bred Seeds uplifting, active
47 Lowryder #2 56 Auto Joint Dr’s High-Bred Seeds strong, uplifting
48 Mako Haze 70/90 Kiwi Seeds uplifting, head-high
49 MK Ultra 53/55 T H Seeds energetic, social
50 Mother’s Finest 50/70 Sensi Seed Bank powerful, uplifting
51 Nebula 60/65 Paradise Seeds cerebral, trippy
52 New Purple Power 50/63 Nirvana clear, upbeat
53 New York City Diesel 70 Soma’s Sacred Seeds uplifting, creative
54 Niagra 45/55 Greenthumb Seeds up, clear, alert
55 Nirvana Special 77/84 Nirvana creative, energetic, blissful
56 Opium 60 Paradise Seeds cerebral, visual, up, racy
57 Orange Bud 55/65 Dutch Passion uplifting, active
58 Orange Velvet 56 TGA-Subcool happy, euphoric, up, giggly
59 Pandora’s Box 63/65 TGA-Subcool happy, intense, uplifting
60 Pineapple Punch 63/70 Flying Dutchmen motivational, talkative, upbeat, giddy
61 Power Plant 56/63 Dutch Passion/ Nirvana uplifting, giddy, playful, mental high
62 Reclining Buddha 63 Soma’s Sacred Seeds uplifting, creative
63 Sage 70/85 T H Seeds alert, cerebral
64 Sage ‘n Sour 63/70 T H Seeds awake, euphoric, social
65 Samongo 63/70 Soma’s Sacred Seeds uplifting, mentally stimulating
66 Sativa Spirit 65/70 Paradise Seeds uplifting, energetic
67 Satori 70/75 Mandala Seeds blissful, spiritual
68 Silver Pearl 45/50 Sensi Seeds psychedelic, energetic
69 Sour Diesel 75/80 Reservoir Seeds psychedelic, creative, uplifting
70 Space Queen 60 TGA-Subcool intense, visual, trippy, speedy
71 Special Haze 63/70 K C Brains cerebral, clear, relaxing
72 Special K 65/75 Sagarmatha cerebral psychedelic edge
73 Strawberry Cough 56/63 Dutch Passion heady, active
74 Strawberry Haze 75 Green House Seeds clear, creative, giggly
75 Sugar Babe 63/70 Paradise Seeds recreationally active
76 Swazi Safari 63/84 Flying Dutchmen euphoric, clear, cerebral
77 T.N.R. 70/84 K C Brains creative, psychedelic, uplifting
78 The Pure Skunk 56 Flying Dutchmen cerebral
79 The Purps 56/63 BC Bud Depot giggly, blissful, euphoric
80 The Void 60 TGA-Subcool uplifting, strong
81 Third Dimension 52/70 TGA-Subcool clearheaded, mentally stimulating
82 True Blue 55/65 DJ Short social, creeper, euphoric, lucid
83 Ultra Haze #2 77/84 Green House Seeds strong, giggly, trippy, social
84 White Satin 65 Mandala Seeds clear, uplifting, functional

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“The Fire Baptism and the Lost Sacraments”

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 17, 2012

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Producing Feminized Seeds

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 17, 2012

There are several methods used to produce feminized seed. By far the easiest method was developed by Soma, the noted breeder. He noticed that when colas reached late ripeness, which by the way, I prefer as the harvest-time, a few visible male flowers appear.

This is not only a signal that the buds are ripe. The pollen from these flowers can be harvested using a fresh watercolor brush and a small glass or metal container. Not all varieties produce male flowers at the end of ripeness, but many do, and they do it reliably.

The use of chemicals is the method used in laboratories and in commercial production to induce male flowers in females plants. Two chemicals that are used are gibberellic acid and silver thiosulfate. Both of these chemicals inhibit the plant’s ethylene production, a hormone that promotes female flowering. As a result, the plant’s female flower production is reduced. However, these chemicals also have a second mode of action because other ethylene inhibitors don’t promote male flowering. The actions are localized. If only one branch of a plant is sprayed, that branch will be the only one affected. The rest of the plant will continue growing female flowers, not male.

Gibberellins are hormones that plants produce to regulate many phases of their growth. Several of the gibberellins, GA3, 4, 5 and 7, induce male flowers on female plants when they are sprayed before the plants initiate flowering. GA3, which is the gibberellin most commonly available commercially, is the most effective. A solution of 0.01% *0.1 gram GA2 in a liter of distilled water) is best. Lower doses result in fewer male flowers. Higher amounts have an inhibitory effect. Lightly spray the tops of the plant for five consecutive days and then place the plants in flowering regimen by increasing the uninterrupted dark period to 12 hours a day. The sprayed area will stretch a bit, but within two weeks the first signs of male flowers will appear. They will be ripe and ready to release pollen in another two weeks.

Silver nitrate can also be used to induce male flowers. A solution of 0.02-0.03% is sprayed on teh plant and then the plant is placed in the flowering regiment of 12 hours light, 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. The leaves will droop for a day or so and then resume turgidity. Male flower growth will become apparent in a couple of weeks. They will ripen a few weeks later. To make a 0.02% solution, add 0.1 gram of silver nitrate in 0.5 liters of distilled water.

Silver thiosulfate is more effective than silver nitrate; that is, it will induce more male flowers. It is made by combining two water solutions, one containing silver nitrate and the other, sodium thiosulfate. The exact formula is below. The plant is sprayed until the liquid drips off the leaves and immediately after, the light regimen is changed from vegetative to flowering. The sprayed areas yellow a bit and stop growing for a few days. Then they start to grow male flowers, which ripen in a few weeks.

Big Book of Buds 3 by Ed Rosenthal, pp 149-151

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Ode to Rick Simpson

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 17, 2012


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Monk’s Herb’n Lounge

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 14, 2012

Monk’s Herb’n Lounge.

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Other Marijuana Grow References

Posted by herbnmonk420 on November 12, 2012


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